Monday, May 17, 2010

Review : Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsay


Interestingly, Gordon Ramsay(GR), one of the most successful chef has a bad start in life. Moving around UK, settling in council houses. Abusive dad. Tough life.

But it does show that you could still be very successful in life with a not so impressive childhood behind you. What you need is the determination and aim to succeed in life. Many people would follow the behaviour of their parents (just like GR's brother, Ronnie) but GR proved to many that you could break away from it. He has a lovely home, wife & 4 children who does not need to go through what he went through.

Just to share a few things I found interesting in his autobiography.

"I'll always encourage the youngest chap in the kitchen, the porter or the pot washer, the little snot that no one else notices or cares about" p.104

Being a young chap in Paris he knew how it felt like to be alone, he knew how lonely and isolated a person could be and wherever & whenever he could, he would encourage those he thinks needs encouragement. Sometimes we see Hell's Kitchen and think that GR is a terrible and vulgar chef but not many actually see the softer side of him. Don't judge a book by its cover.

"What makes me really pissed off in the kitchen? What makes me explode? Lies." p.186

So... that's why he keeps screaming and shouting and cursing!
[Sidetrack : This quote makes me think of God who created us. How He wants us to be like Him but often time we fall short of that and we lie to Him. Imagine if God was like GR, heaven wouldn't be a peaceful place as He would be screaming at us everytime we say a lie. But no, our God is a forgiving God but that doesn't mean we should continue sinning.]

"Humility is important when you start out" p.193

Starting a job as a young chef or any other industry for that matter, I think we must always know where we stand. We can't have a big head thinking we are the best because there are others in the company who would surely know better than us. Having humility is the thing that will help us go far in life. Just like how it brought GR to be where he is now.

It's interesting what we could learn from reading about someone else's life. Sometimes we're so trapped in our own world thinking that we are living the worst life ever and could never escape from the misery & destiny that we have. But as GR has proven, having a bad start in life doesn't mean we cannot have a good ending in life. To anyone reading this who thinks life is miserable, go grab GR's book and read for yourself how terrible his childhood was. Maybe that will change your opinion about your future.

I shall end with a quote from Gordon Ramsay Humble Pie.

"I think good food is important. It can be life-changing" p. 284

Lets go have good food!




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