Monday, September 14, 2009

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes through cards, sms-es, fb messages, email.

Mum & Dad, Grace Khoo, Elaine Ho, Hot & Sexie Tong Sampah, Ngee Zheng, John Law, Fiona, Kel Vin Gan, Anfaal, Chin Kuan, Chuang Li, Ray哥, Anna, Aishah, Bahia, Sarah Chan, Yvonne Tay, Zoe "肥肥" Chan, Serene, Gwen Pan, Eugene Ng, Hui En, Ewin, Vee Nee, Melissa, TK Lee, Joshua, Bryan Aw, Stephanie Lian, Keet Yee, Phoebe, David Cheah, Deborah, 阿Guan, Dr. JL, Tim, Carol, Julie Biskut, Jamie, Zeneng, Lai Teng, Kenneth, my 'twin' Suet Ling Tiong, Vicky, Mun Yoke, Xin Wei, Janet Lee, Aaron Man, Sook Kuan, Angeline, Carmen Wong, Neil & Ruth & Matthew Osborne, Ron & Brenda Smith, Nancy, Ada, Grace Jones, Graham, Jack, Mary, Margaret, Andrew & Janet, David Edmunds, Eva.

Thanks once again! Sorry if I ter-missed you out.



Blogger babyGerm said...

Your birthday yesterday?
Soree ar,me no facebook, so not so updated.

Anyways, wishing u a belated blessed birthday. May you have many many happy returns & may God bless you in every way...=)

Can't wait to cya!=P

2:03 am  

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