Friday, June 26, 2009

Me, now.


Time flies. 9 months passed. I'm now at the end of my masters journey. What do I feel? Excited? Stress? Nervous? I don't know... I'm just... blank.

One thing I know is that there is no turning back. It's too late to turn back now. And it's pure stupidity to want to turn back now. I only have a week more to my exposition, 3 weeks to my final presentation.


One week left to produce work but I can still be going out for birthday celebration, movie, expensive dinner. I seem to be so free! I don't like this. I rather I was in a major panic that I'm running out of time but that feeling is not here! I don't even see its shadow. Good news or bad news...?

I think I've placed my 'rushing to meet deadlines' days hidden somewhere far. I just can't focus and do my work. And when I do focus, I feel my head exploding. Oh, where have my stamina gone... A friend of mine wrote "well...we've been thru this ur able to finish it in time..." I do hope I could.

Time for war but I'm not well equipped. Is this war for me to win? One thing I know, I do not want to be defeated. I'll fight till death!


Aight, back to my table, laptop, books.

Brain, work!

Till then.



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