Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BOO Dell UK!

My laptop was down! Big time!

Being still under warranty, I gave Dell UK's Technical Support a call. [mobile credit : £10.84] Getting through to Dell I was asked my Service Tag, where I bought my laptop & what is the model. Then the person told me she will pass me to the technician in charge. I waited.

Getting through to the technician I was once again asked the same 3 questions. And was told I had to be passed to another technician. [repeat 4 times]

In the end, the 'technician' (which I highly doubt is a technician) told me I had to go online to get help. wtf! You, the 'technician', ask me, the customer, to search for help online???!!!! Stupid, irresponsible, know-nothing technician. I think her name is Asmah or Asthma or something similar.

Fine. Waste of mobile credit [mobile credit : £7.35]

I called Dell Malaysia Technical Support since Dell UK is so unreliable. I spoke to ONE technician and I got some help. They can't help much as I'm in UK. But at least the technician gave me some advice on how to check if it's a hardware problem or not. And explained what the technical code I got from the Blue Screen meant. Then told me to contact Dell UK since I am in UK.

[mobile credit : £7]

Today, after I did the Pre-Boot System Assessment/Diagnostic Test and found that my hardware is fine, I called Dell UK again. Once again I went through the 3 questions, being passed around, and finally a real technician answered my call. I told him my problem, was asked to do the Diagnostic Test, told him I did and my system & memory was ok. (note : he didn't ask me about the Blue Screen code even when I told him I got the blue screen) Then he said he would pass me to another department. And the line dropped!

[mobile credit : £3.46]

Called again. Repeat the same process. Finally reached the other department, software. Was told that I would be charged for just asking questions to the technician. wtf! And the 'consultation' would cost me £16 even if they can't solve my problem. (*&@#(*&! I told the technician I don't want to continue.

[mobile credit : £2.98]

Called Technical support again. This time I was told my record couldn't be pulled out. wtf! After 4 times calling now they tell me my record can't be pulled out??? Where's the logic?! Plus I called Dell UK few months ago and my record could be pulled out. Stupid, really stupid. After 'arguing' with the technician, he told me that I have to transfer my record to UK region. Not logical. Gave me a website address and said bye.

[mobile credit : £2.05]

Wasted my money, problem still there.

I end up Googling for an answer. After doing some 'research' and consulting non-technicians. I think I got the way to solve my problem. Hopefully my problem would stay away. And my laptop would keep on working.

Thus ends my horrible experience with Dell UK Technical Support.

Final Verdict : I am the technician. Bah! Shouldn't have even bothered to call Dell UK Technical Support.


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