Friday, May 01, 2009

The broken rubix


A few months ago I was really stressed up doing my work so I decided to relax by trying to solve a rubix cube.

I'm not sure how logical it sounds to you to try to fix a messed up cube to relieve stress.

It didn't actually relieve my stress but made it slightly worst coz the rubix that I have is a cheap one. Meaning it won't twist and turn that efficiently and get stuck every now and then.

I was so annoyed with the fact it couldn't twist properly that I over-twisted it and it exploded into many pieces! lol


So what did I do after the 'explosion'? I brought out my camera, switched on the table light, switched off the ceiling light and started shooting the exploded rubix cube :D

I didn't want to be seem as the culprit so I made my Legoman posed as if he did it. lol


After that, my stress level went totally down.
And I continued doing my work



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