Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm alive, still.

Some words for now

Yep, I reached Nottingham safely. Started class yesterday (Monday, that is)

Now I'm in the library. Bought my sim card & phone earlier. So soon I will be having a UK number.

Oh yeah, go get SKYPE! My phone can access skype. Talk for free or something I think. Gotta check that out. I can use it as a modem too, dunno how that works, but I'll find out once I reach back to the hostel. Phone battery is still charging.

Erm, photos... soon. I promise.

The weather here is rather chilly. Something like Cameron at night, maybe slightly colder. It's still considered as summer now. So yeah, cold windy summer... wonder what's it like in winter.

Ah... the stomach's grumbling. Gonna pop by McD to get a 99p Cheese Bacon Burger. Hahah

Till then.



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