Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yep, I've shifted from my temporary accommodation to my permanent accommodation.


I can't move in until tomorrow. Why? Coz the accommodation officer at Uni says so.

I like my room. Spacious! Some rooms in that accommodation are really small! My room have space for 1 cupboard, 2 study tables, 1 single bed, 4 chairs, 1 side table, 1 sink and I still have lots of space to spare! It's spacious. Even bigger than the temporary accommodation I'm in. Photos soon.

So when I move in tomorrow I will try to set up the internet thingy so I don't have to come to the library every time I need to use the internet

Let me tell you something. I'm so 'smart'. I wanted to do some research for my project. But I don't have internet (remember this). So I came to the library, checked out wikipedia, save to words, then wanted to email it to my email so I can refer later when I go back to the hostel.

Can you spot the 'error'?

Yes? Good for you. No? Let me tell you, I have no internet connection. So how on earth am I going to refer to the email with my research in it? I'm 'smart' rite? ahaha

So I took out my camera's memory card and saved it in there.

Aight, getting late now. Gotta go before it gets dark.

A random photo for your viewing


The pigeons here are really tame. You can walk so near to it and it will not move, it might even walk beside you. You can basically 'walk the pigeon'



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