Thursday, September 11, 2008

Last day

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Wow... it all seems so surreal...

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Before this my world revolves here in KL, Malaysia. And I pretty much took things for granted.

Now, it hit me, I'm going to UK to study, alone!

Wow... It's time to leave the 'shell'. My comfort zone... and step into a foreign land and try to survive. Ok, so it sounds quite dramatic but it's true, quite true...

It's about 9 hours more before I fly off Malaysian soil to Abu Dhabi (transit) then to Manchester then to Nottingham.

So surreal...

I like to take this opportunity to thank people, a lot of people. If I missed your name, please forgive me

My parents - Although we had lots of arguement, I like to thank you for the unconditional love you've showered upon me. Yeah, there have been times... but still, thank you!

Fellow church members of SDGC - Thank you for your support all this while. I will not forget the warmness and fellowship we've shared together and all the hard times we went through together. Be strong! God bless you all!

Fellow youths of SDGC - It has been fun being with you all. All the jokes and fellowship. It's good to see you guys growing. Grow on! Be faithful. Don't stray away :) Keep in contact and don't forget me! Haha

Fellow youths of KGC - The first youth fellowship I step into. Thanks for making me feel at home. It was really nice being with you guys. Stay strong, I pray that everything will run smoothly for you guys.

Janice, Audrey, Tif, Lai Teng - Thanks so much for the Ole-ole Bali dinner! Yep, I'll go on a look out for "Ang-moh" for you guys. Haha. Yeah, thanks so much for the close friendship ties we had since college days till now. All the best in your work! Take care

Ex-colleagues - Thank you for the dinner al Seoul Garden and thank you so much for being willing to teach a newbie like me when I first enter the company. You guys have really made it easy flowing (most of the time) for me. Those time we shared together really means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

Eric - How could I forget you?! Thanks for being a good friend, art director, "partner-in-crime". For all the sharing of ideas, information and everything else! Oh, the Canon 450D is complicated, haha. Sadly we didn't have time to go for a photoshoot... Anyhow, wishing you all the best in your job! Keep in touch, bro!

Lecturers at KBU - Thank you for all your support during and after my study years. Thanks for all the selfless help you all have showed me. I really appreciate it!

To those who really spared some time to have a gathering with me, thank you so much!
To those who wanted to have a gathering with me but couldn't, it's ok, I understand :)
To those who will be at the airport later today, you guys rock! Thanks!
To those who wanted to be at the airport but couldn't, thanks all the same, I appreciate your effort
To all who have spent money getting me gifts and others, thank you so much, I bring what I can to UK

Whoa... it's getting long... So I guess I will end here.
Please don't be offended if I missed any of you.

And again, thanks all! I miss you guys! Keep in touch ok?


Next post might be from KLIA or Abu Dhabi or Manchester or all three if they have WiFi

Kuantan post will resume after that


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