Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sometimes I do wonder, what on earth am I doing here in Nottingham...?

Am I actually ready to take up a MA course?

Seriously, I have no certain answers to those question. But I try to stay focus. Get the MA!

Maybe I got to used to the easy life of working. Besides the OT, working is kinda fun. Not so stressful. Ah... working life...

We were given a project to work in groups. I think my group is falling apart. Just my feelings really. We seemed to be heading no where. Presentation is this Friday. I played my part, giving ideas and all but all I got was "It's a great idea... but we're not going for that" Crap really. Too many 'alphas' in the group. So, yeah, just gonna go along with them. No point giving any opinion, really. It just goes to the dump. Hope for the best, expect the worst during the presentation.

Random photo

Leaving my mark



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