Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sometimes I do wonder, what on earth am I doing here in Nottingham...?

Am I actually ready to take up a MA course?

Seriously, I have no certain answers to those question. But I try to stay focus. Get the MA!

Maybe I got to used to the easy life of working. Besides the OT, working is kinda fun. Not so stressful. Ah... working life...

We were given a project to work in groups. I think my group is falling apart. Just my feelings really. We seemed to be heading no where. Presentation is this Friday. I played my part, giving ideas and all but all I got was "It's a great idea... but we're not going for that" Crap really. Too many 'alphas' in the group. So, yeah, just gonna go along with them. No point giving any opinion, really. It just goes to the dump. Hope for the best, expect the worst during the presentation.

Random photo

Leaving my mark


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yep, I've shifted from my temporary accommodation to my permanent accommodation.


I can't move in until tomorrow. Why? Coz the accommodation officer at Uni says so.

I like my room. Spacious! Some rooms in that accommodation are really small! My room have space for 1 cupboard, 2 study tables, 1 single bed, 4 chairs, 1 side table, 1 sink and I still have lots of space to spare! It's spacious. Even bigger than the temporary accommodation I'm in. Photos soon.

So when I move in tomorrow I will try to set up the internet thingy so I don't have to come to the library every time I need to use the internet

Let me tell you something. I'm so 'smart'. I wanted to do some research for my project. But I don't have internet (remember this). So I came to the library, checked out wikipedia, save to words, then wanted to email it to my email so I can refer later when I go back to the hostel.

Can you spot the 'error'?

Yes? Good for you. No? Let me tell you, I have no internet connection. So how on earth am I going to refer to the email with my research in it? I'm 'smart' rite? ahaha

So I took out my camera's memory card and saved it in there.

Aight, getting late now. Gotta go before it gets dark.

A random photo for your viewing


The pigeons here are really tame. You can walk so near to it and it will not move, it might even walk beside you. You can basically 'walk the pigeon'


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some photos


Just some photos for now. More when I shift in to my proper accommodation and set up the internet connection.

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

The oldest pub/bar in England

Brewhouse Yard Museum

A glimpse of life in Nottingham back then

Sky Mirror

Created by Anish Kapoor

Lace Market

The walls are made of lace

Yo! Sushi

Sushi anyone?

Some random building


Nottingham Castle
Not the actual castle coz it was burnt down in 1950++

The entrance


What it looked like back then

Light rays

Looking over the city


Oh, so green!

Old Market Square

Where everyone normally meets up. Something like a meeting spot

That's all for now.

I'll be shifting in to my proper accommodation on 25th Sept.

Classes have been ok, my classmates are not too bad.

Till then.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm alive, still.

Some words for now

Yep, I reached Nottingham safely. Started class yesterday (Monday, that is)

Now I'm in the library. Bought my sim card & phone earlier. So soon I will be having a UK number.

Oh yeah, go get SKYPE! My phone can access skype. Talk for free or something I think. Gotta check that out. I can use it as a modem too, dunno how that works, but I'll find out once I reach back to the hostel. Phone battery is still charging.

Erm, photos... soon. I promise.

The weather here is rather chilly. Something like Cameron at night, maybe slightly colder. It's still considered as summer now. So yeah, cold windy summer... wonder what's it like in winter.

Ah... the stomach's grumbling. Gonna pop by McD to get a 99p Cheese Bacon Burger. Hahah

Till then.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Abu Dhabi

Hello all!

I'm now blogging from Abu Dhabi.

It's 5.15am Malaysian time, 1.15am Abu Dhabi time

I wanted to put some photos up but it seems that photobucket is down.. doing some maintenance. So yeah, just words.

Ok, gonna go into the boarding gate now.

If photobucket comes back on before I enter the plane I might put some photos up.


Last day

Photobucket Image Hosting

Wow... it all seems so surreal...

Photobucket Image Hosting

Before this my world revolves here in KL, Malaysia. And I pretty much took things for granted.

Now, it hit me, I'm going to UK to study, alone!

Wow... It's time to leave the 'shell'. My comfort zone... and step into a foreign land and try to survive. Ok, so it sounds quite dramatic but it's true, quite true...

It's about 9 hours more before I fly off Malaysian soil to Abu Dhabi (transit) then to Manchester then to Nottingham.

So surreal...

I like to take this opportunity to thank people, a lot of people. If I missed your name, please forgive me

My parents - Although we had lots of arguement, I like to thank you for the unconditional love you've showered upon me. Yeah, there have been times... but still, thank you!

Fellow church members of SDGC - Thank you for your support all this while. I will not forget the warmness and fellowship we've shared together and all the hard times we went through together. Be strong! God bless you all!

Fellow youths of SDGC - It has been fun being with you all. All the jokes and fellowship. It's good to see you guys growing. Grow on! Be faithful. Don't stray away :) Keep in contact and don't forget me! Haha

Fellow youths of KGC - The first youth fellowship I step into. Thanks for making me feel at home. It was really nice being with you guys. Stay strong, I pray that everything will run smoothly for you guys.

Janice, Audrey, Tif, Lai Teng - Thanks so much for the Ole-ole Bali dinner! Yep, I'll go on a look out for "Ang-moh" for you guys. Haha. Yeah, thanks so much for the close friendship ties we had since college days till now. All the best in your work! Take care

Ex-colleagues - Thank you for the dinner al Seoul Garden and thank you so much for being willing to teach a newbie like me when I first enter the company. You guys have really made it easy flowing (most of the time) for me. Those time we shared together really means a lot to me. Thank you so much!

Eric - How could I forget you?! Thanks for being a good friend, art director, "partner-in-crime". For all the sharing of ideas, information and everything else! Oh, the Canon 450D is complicated, haha. Sadly we didn't have time to go for a photoshoot... Anyhow, wishing you all the best in your job! Keep in touch, bro!

Lecturers at KBU - Thank you for all your support during and after my study years. Thanks for all the selfless help you all have showed me. I really appreciate it!

To those who really spared some time to have a gathering with me, thank you so much!
To those who wanted to have a gathering with me but couldn't, it's ok, I understand :)
To those who will be at the airport later today, you guys rock! Thanks!
To those who wanted to be at the airport but couldn't, thanks all the same, I appreciate your effort
To all who have spent money getting me gifts and others, thank you so much, I bring what I can to UK

Whoa... it's getting long... So I guess I will end here.
Please don't be offended if I missed any of you.

And again, thanks all! I miss you guys! Keep in touch ok?


Next post might be from KLIA or Abu Dhabi or Manchester or all three if they have WiFi

Kuantan post will resume after that

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Memory Card

Another interuption to my Kuantan post


Something arrived today!


Me, being me, quickly open it (although I already knew what it contains)

A 4GB Memory Card for the PSP

But wait, whre is the PSP???

Looking at my imaginary PSP...
I did some photomanipulation to this photo

Sigh... still haven't arrived.

Stupid fellow.

Dear all, don't buy from this guy by the name Chua Boon Keat (zirancold@gmail.com). Stupid fellow doesn't keep his promises


I'm flying tomorrow! So surreal...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Teluk Cempedak


After a few hours of resting we went out again to Teluk Cempedak, another beach


We had some sight seeing


Then we flew kites. No photos coz all of us were either playing with water or flying kite. My kite flew really high btw.

After all the fun, we quiten down and did some devotion


After a while, some of them started to play with the sand


Later at night after our dinner, we did another devotion and then we went for supper. All no photos coz... I malas... sorry!

Next : The next day


Monday, September 08, 2008



After all the visitting. We were hungry! We had chicken rice. Each table one chicken and we finish all! Such big eaters we are...



Then we drove a bit more

Kuantan town

Then we waited to be checked in


Next : We went to another beach. Where?

Anyone know where is this?


Sunday, September 07, 2008



We then went to a park (Forgot the name..)


Where we did some foot reflexology thing

"Self torture"

We then had a short guided tour by Chun Mun


Took another group photo


Did some 'exercise'


Played around


And left.

Next : Something is smelling...


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mini Zoo


After the beaches we went to the Mini Zoo which is located not far from the Lover's Beach

All the 'budak bandar' (town kids)


Among the animals we saw there...

Sun Bear playing with logs



Oh this one has a story behind


Yeah, a monkey. What's the story?
Cal Vin was using his hanky to 'lure' the monkey's hand out so I could take a photo. The moment I snap the photo (see above), the monkey snatched Cal Vin's hanky (see below)

Hmm... smells weird

So yeah, Cal Vin lost a hanky because of me. Thanks Cal Vin!

Next : We went somewhere else. Where?


Friday, September 05, 2008

Matta Fair


A slight interuption to my Kuantan Trip post.

Today I went to MATTA Fair at PWTC.


This is just a short post of the interesting stuffs I saw there. The detailed post will be later on. After all my other pending posts.

Of all the things, I saw this

The Body Shop?

Some of them really go to the extend of wearing costumes!


I saw...

The photo is blur because I didn't expect Batman to walk in front of me and greet me! Yeah, no kidding, he greeted me.

There were some performance too

Drifterz B-Boy from Korea

Food tasting

Korea mee
The lady gave me an XL portion coz I took photo of her. Haha

Tea tasting

Korean tea
For tasting, not for sale

And finally,

Etihad plane. The plane I'll be taking to UK

Yep, a short post on the MATTA Fair. MATTA Fair will be on until this Sunday only.

Feel like I'm doing a promo for them. lol

Kuantan Trip post will resume tomorrow


I'm flying in 6 days time!