Monday, June 02, 2008

Thank you!

All photos taken using Nikon Coolpix S550

May 31st 2008 - My last day as a Graphic Designer at Nets Creative Station Sdn Bhd.

My time there wasn't an extremely long time but of course there some 'feeling'.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank some of my colleagues there.

People from my department with another colleague (Stephanie) who left on the same day.
Standing (L - R) : Siew Teng, Stephanie, Me, Eric
Sitting (L - R) : Benson, Wendy

Disclaimer : Written not in any particular order.

Mr. Tony - Boss.

Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to learn a thing or two from your company


I think I'll miss you most! Thank you for everything! It was a great experience working with you, sharing ideas & thoughts with you. Thank you also for the many times you back me up when I'm stuck or in trouble or going to be in trouble. (aww... hero... lol). Thanks also for showing me a clearer picture of what I would be facing in the near future, it's such an honour getting to know you.
Thank you again for being a great art director, colleague, friend, breakfast/lunch/yum-cha buddy and 'partner-in-crime'.

Siew Teng

Thank you for always watching out for me. I've learnt a lot from you! Especially the art of 'being positive'! Heheh. Don't 'fong fei kei' so much!


It's really an eye opener working with you. I learn a lot of weird things from you (eg. straight but curve, simplicity with complexity). Don't talk crap so much, k?


(L - R) : Me, Simon, Stephanie
The funny guy! Thanks for the fun and for being a good friend!

And the rest..

(L - R) : Pearl, Siew Teng, Ray, Stephanie, Agnes

(L - R) : Stephanie, Mr Teh, Me

Wendy, Agnes, Alan, Pearl, Stephanie, Siew Yee, Ray, Sharen - It was really great knowing you guys!

I would really miss my time with you guys! Keep in contact! Take care & all the best to all of you!


Yours sincerely,
Suet Ling


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