Sunday, December 16, 2007


Lately I've been working like crazy. OT almost everyday.

Yesterday was by far the worst... 9.40pm

9.40pm on a SATURDAY! When I'm suppose to be off at 1.30pm (or something like that)

Am I turning into a workaholic? A lil' I suppose...

Work has turn me crazy. Why? Coz of this equation.
" me + him = baby "
Just not the kind of baby we normally know about. So, baby what? Baby diary la..

"we" produced 15,000 babies. and "we" have to QC all 15,000 babies before letting them out into the world -_-"

So, in your opinion, am i a workaholic-gonna-be?


Blogger h0cmun said...

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8:40 am  

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