Thursday, December 27, 2007


A belated Christmas wish to everyone! Hope you guys had a great time during Christmas (whatever you were doing)


As for myself, I was up north in Penang spending time with my relatives from mum's side of the family.

I didn't take that much of photos as I hoped to.
Partly because I couldn't find the adrenaline to take out my 'big gun' and 'shoot' at my relatives. There was nothing special.
Also because my uncle was so anti-social. After every meal he wants to go back to the hotel! (he's from HK). ANd when he says go back to the hotel, his son + daugther-in-law + granddaughter also goes back to the hotel!

So in the end, nothing much to shoot.

Stay tuned coz I wanna introduce one restaurant in Penang to you.


To all that sent me Christmas wishes (through email, sms and friendster), Thanks a lot!

To all whom I sent wishes to and replied, good to hear from you, once a year
at least

To all whom I sent wishes but never replied, do tell me you're still alive!

To Aylmer and Chiow Jie, Happy Birthday!!!



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