Thursday, August 23, 2007


Minitalk :
I went back to college today.
The moment I entered the staffroom, Mr. Hafiz asked shouted out loud "Suet Ling, photos!"
My reply, "The photos are for Ms. Anis. Not you!" I don't like that guy. Nuff said.

I've been asked to participate in a survey about dSLR users by Synovate.

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Soooo many questions!

And the guy asking asked the questions in Cantonese! Cantonese! What the....
Fine, I'm a Chinese and I understand Cantonese. But still, I'm more fluent in English.

Anyhow, I tried my very best to understand what he is saying.

I got paid. So, all is good.


Things to do...

Buy clothing for work - Jusco got sale!
Pass SQ07 photos to Ms.Anis - She wasn't around so passed to Ms Sin Ai
Give 'Thank You' card to lecturers - regretted giving a card to Mr. Hafiz (refer to minitalk above)
Compile all Memorial Service & Funeral service of Uncle Ban Poh
Pass Memorial Service & Funeral service photos to Aunty Cisilia
Open bank account - done
Meet up with ex boss, Mr. David Lok
Meet up with Lavena - saw Melin, Karen, Tsien Kwang, Jessica as well!
Clean up my room - half done
Buy more shelves from IKEA - they ran out of stock! -_-"
Relax 'kau-kau'
Earn money from participating in a survey - got Rm40!
Get appointment letter - signed


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