Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I need more time

There's been so much in my mind these few days... So much to do yet, so little time...

Why so little time, you asked? I'm starting work on 27th August! This coming Monday!

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Things to do...

Buy clothing for work - Jusco got sale!
Pass SQ07 photos to Ms.Anis
Give 'Thank You' card to lecturers - half done
Compile all Memorial Service & Funeral service of Uncle Ban Poh
Pass Memorial Service & Funeral service photos to Aunty Cisilia
Open bank account - done this morning
Meet up with ex boss, Mr. David Lok
Meet up with Lavena
Clean up my room - half done
Buy more shelves from IKEA
Relax 'kau-kau'
Earn money from participating in a survey - got Rm40!
Get appointment letter - signed

I need more time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice fotoshop ^_^ Reminds me of 'kage bunshin no-jutsu' by thats if you watch naruto

7:17 am  
Blogger Dormiens said...

Nice pic!

7:00 am  

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