Sunday, August 26, 2007

First day

Tomorrow (27th August 2007) will be my first day of work.

Yep, I'm starting work.

A new chapter in my life.

Am I suppose to feel nervous or excited? I don't really know. I just know I'm gonna have face something I've never done before (really work, work) and I'm feeling pretty good at the moment.

Although I'm quite disappointed that I would not have a friend at work but I guess I'll just have to make new ones. Pretty excited and afraid about this though. I wonder if they are friendly... like the ones I met when I did my internship at Studio DL. I hope they are.

How would working life be...? In this line I'm in... I'm expecting very busy after lunch when all the marketing people go out and get some projects for us, me to do. And not forgetting the long hours after the official working hours (0900 - 1730). Can't run from this.

I do hope that place (Sri Kembangan) would be a safe place after 5:00PM. The area where I'll be working consist mainly of factory lots and it's very quiet. That being said, I've made up my mind to not be the last person in the office. I don't care if there's extreme load of work to be done. I'm leaving once everyone else leaves. I don't want to be an addition to the statistic.

Whooo.... long time didn't write so much already.

In conclusion, I hope to gain much experience from this place where I work. Gain some new friends. Abstain from office politics. Work smart. Work hard. Get a pay raise. Impress my bosses. Stay safe.

Yep, I'm gonna enjoy working life... I hope...

I'll be glad to hear any experience you want to share :)


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