Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's over!

What's over?

1. My presentation!

So, I will have no more presentation in college. Technically I've over college.
But... I will still have to polish up my work. I want good/better results! Who doesn't?

I'm happy!

Warning : If you are afraid of rats/mouse/mice turn away NOW!

2. The little mice's life...

I came back today and my dad told me the mice is dead. Dead from the 5 poisoned pellet he gave the mice last night.

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That's not the poison, it's a piece of cracker I gave the mice

In a way I'm glad that the mice didn't die under the hot sun or soaked in boiling hot water.
I don't know... I guess it's a better way?

I'm sad...

Signing off with mixed feelings.

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Bye bye little fellow


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