Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Essential Items

What are the most essential items you must have when you leave the house?

SIDETRACK It is pronounced as "Ee-Sen-Tial" NOT "En-Sen-Tial". So duh~! /SIDETRACK

Ok, with that said...

There are 3 things I must bring along when I go out of the house.

1. Wallet/Purse (whatever you call it) with some cash inside, of course. No credit cards yet.

This is where all my money, license, IC, Student ID Card, and some other things are.

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It is not always this "loaded" k.

2. House keys.

This will allow me to enter/exit the house.
I don't have my own car yet, so car keys are not that essential at the moment.

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Long key no more in use. Now it is an ornament.

3. Handphone/Mobilephone.

Surprise that this is my number 3? I can live without this. In fact, I normally forget about it when I am at home. At times I even need to use the house phone to locate where is it.
This serves as my clock/watch. And it helps me to communicate with whoever I need to communicate to.

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My mum's old phone, my new phone. It's a pass-me-down phone. Still, it is stylo.

Yep, those are my 3 essential items. What are yours?



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