Thursday, April 05, 2007

A busy week

Whoa... I haven't been updating for a week now!

A big big sorry to everyone that has been visiting my blog (if you ever do)

Seriously, I have had a extremely busy week! This week in college was to attempt a live project, meaning we have to deal with real life clients.

First thing I do in the morning after waking up and the toilet business is to check my email. Why? So that I can keep in touch with that client of mine. I need to know his opinion towards what I have done. Then have to change, change, change.

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Then in the afternoons, rush to college to discuss with the lecturers what to do and what not to do. After getting their advice, touch up, touch up, touch up.

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Then later at night, at home, rest, then start work again. Minor changes then email to client. Either that or I work throughout the night till about 3am before hitting the bed. At least that happen on Monday and Tuesday.
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Well, that's a designer's life, I suppose. Late nights, early wakes, skip meals, stress, etc. Sigh... My life would be shorter by few years now.

But then again, when you think of the cash coming in, all is worth it! Even more so when you're having fun, some good ol' clean fun.

Oh, by the way, I'll be receiving RM300 for this short one week life project. All the hard work is worth it. ^^



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