Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

I hope I'm not too late to wish all of you a very Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year!

I just return back to KL from Penang today. Whew... Feels good to be home. And even better when I find that my darling computer is working pretty fine again (hope I do not speak to soon...)!

Anyway, here's ONE photo of the fireworks (aren't they suppose to be banned?)
Why only one? The reason... it is because when I look at the rest, this shot just stands out too well. I just can't put any of the rest up...
So, enjoy this ONE photo.

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My nieces came over during my stay at Penang and me, being the youngest of the cousins (my mom's side) had to take all the nieces to play firecrackers or something like that.
I brought the stuffs, matches and also the camera (oh well....)

Anyway, one shot came out well. Again, one...

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If you noticed, I've changed the framing and the watermarks on my photographs :)

And once again, a Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year to all of you!


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