Sunday, February 11, 2007

camera + rant + etc

It's gonna be a long update.

Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Unlike previous years where I go back to Johor, this year I'm going to Penang (my mum's side of the family)


I'm bringing this 'baby' along.

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It's my dad old Minolta X-300s film SLR. Yep, a film SLR.

Why do I want to use a film SLR? Just for fun I suppose. I hope it will make me look more like a 'tourist' so I can take photos without being looked at weirdly.

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I'll be bringing my Canon Powershot A400 also. Can you see the A400 at the lens of the X-300s?

Why bring two camera??? Crazy ar? Nope, I'm not crazy (yet) it's just that I can only take 36 shots with the film and 1000 shots with the digital camera (just got myself a 1GB SD card)

I'm gonna be camera crazy this Chinese New Year! Woo Hooooo!!!!

---------- end of part 1 ----------

It's gonna be a bit of rant now.

I so so so hate my computer! Just reformatted it about a month ago and now it has failed me again! ^*&(*@#$%@^ Time to change.

It (the computer) is so gonna go to the grave soon if it does not get well after I return from Penang after the CNY.

It has been a faithful PC for about 4 years now. Guess on my part I have overloaded it and over worked it. Sigh.... I'll miss you old buddy if you 'die'

Oh yeah, my CRT monitor KO-ed and I got myself a LCD monitor.

If the CPU konk-ed earlier I would have gotten a whole brand new set of PC. Monitor, CPU and all. Bad timing...

---------- end of part 2 ----------

V-day. I am available! No more singles gathering like last year. Coz it's during my sem break! Oh well, I'll be at home, getting pissed off with my computer.

All you couple couples out there, a posh candle light dinner does not mean true love! Muahahhaaa... Roses are... urm... expensive!

Anyhow, go enjoy yourselves.

---------- end of part 3 ----------

Prom. Rogue Vogue

KBU is having its prom night on 23rd March 2007.

Do I need a date? If I do, who should I call? Sheesh.... no time to think bout this now.

I gotta loose weight to fit myself into a nice dress! Argh...!

---------- end of part 4----------

I'm going to Petaling Street again! Maybe Monday or Tuesday.

Janice! Tell me when!

CNY Shopping. Hehehhh....

Fake things that look real. Oh well... No money mah....

-------- end of part 5 ----------

And if I do not post anything the next few days it is because my computer has failed me. It's so freaking slow!


Cheers everyone.


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