Wednesday, February 28, 2007

blue skies3

During the first week of Chinese New Year I was in Penang. The sky there was pretty. So I took a few of it.

Clouds, big white fluffy things that fill the skies. Clouds are pretty much like people around you. Clouds surrounds you just as friends surrounds you.

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Sometimes you think you are big but still, there are times in life you need someone bigger to give you shelter.

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Every now and then you try to reach out to someone. They might be so different from you even though you and them are both humans.

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And that simply act of reaching out to help someone will make that someone blossom beautifully.

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And hopefully one day that someone will remember your good deeds and reach out to you in return when you need them.

Cheers everyone.

Link to Blue Skies and Blue Skies2

Monday, February 26, 2007


Thean Loon's farewell. 9th February 2007. He went to Melbourne, Australia.

Will miss you, dear friend.

We love to have a camera war. Snap, snap, snap!

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That's him photographing me and me photographing him.

Alvin and Jen Niece have some "chup" war.

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I "chup" you and you "chup" me.

All of us who went.

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A group picture.

Some of his friends did not make it in time to say bye to him. So a short talk on the phone.
Really sad, they came all the way to KLIA and did not meet him...

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The ice blended drinks at some cafe in KLIA was really good (I think), Eu Jin 'sapu-ed' everything that everyone could not finish. 2 and a half ice blended including his own.

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Last few moments he was near us. Well, that is before he entered the gate.

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Final check, get passport, etc

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Then he was gone.... at least for a year.

Come back soon!

Miss ya.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

I hope I'm not too late to wish all of you a very Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year!

I just return back to KL from Penang today. Whew... Feels good to be home. And even better when I find that my darling computer is working pretty fine again (hope I do not speak to soon...)!

Anyway, here's ONE photo of the fireworks (aren't they suppose to be banned?)
Why only one? The reason... it is because when I look at the rest, this shot just stands out too well. I just can't put any of the rest up...
So, enjoy this ONE photo.

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My nieces came over during my stay at Penang and me, being the youngest of the cousins (my mom's side) had to take all the nieces to play firecrackers or something like that.
I brought the stuffs, matches and also the camera (oh well....)

Anyway, one shot came out well. Again, one...

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If you noticed, I've changed the framing and the watermarks on my photographs :)

And once again, a Happy & Blessed Chinese New Year to all of you!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

camera + rant + etc

It's gonna be a long update.

Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Unlike previous years where I go back to Johor, this year I'm going to Penang (my mum's side of the family)


I'm bringing this 'baby' along.

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It's my dad old Minolta X-300s film SLR. Yep, a film SLR.

Why do I want to use a film SLR? Just for fun I suppose. I hope it will make me look more like a 'tourist' so I can take photos without being looked at weirdly.

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I'll be bringing my Canon Powershot A400 also. Can you see the A400 at the lens of the X-300s?

Why bring two camera??? Crazy ar? Nope, I'm not crazy (yet) it's just that I can only take 36 shots with the film and 1000 shots with the digital camera (just got myself a 1GB SD card)

I'm gonna be camera crazy this Chinese New Year! Woo Hooooo!!!!

---------- end of part 1 ----------

It's gonna be a bit of rant now.

I so so so hate my computer! Just reformatted it about a month ago and now it has failed me again! ^*&(*@#$%@^ Time to change.

It (the computer) is so gonna go to the grave soon if it does not get well after I return from Penang after the CNY.

It has been a faithful PC for about 4 years now. Guess on my part I have overloaded it and over worked it. Sigh.... I'll miss you old buddy if you 'die'

Oh yeah, my CRT monitor KO-ed and I got myself a LCD monitor.

If the CPU konk-ed earlier I would have gotten a whole brand new set of PC. Monitor, CPU and all. Bad timing...

---------- end of part 2 ----------

V-day. I am available! No more singles gathering like last year. Coz it's during my sem break! Oh well, I'll be at home, getting pissed off with my computer.

All you couple couples out there, a posh candle light dinner does not mean true love! Muahahhaaa... Roses are... urm... expensive!

Anyhow, go enjoy yourselves.

---------- end of part 3 ----------

Prom. Rogue Vogue

KBU is having its prom night on 23rd March 2007.

Do I need a date? If I do, who should I call? Sheesh.... no time to think bout this now.

I gotta loose weight to fit myself into a nice dress! Argh...!

---------- end of part 4----------

I'm going to Petaling Street again! Maybe Monday or Tuesday.

Janice! Tell me when!

CNY Shopping. Hehehhh....

Fake things that look real. Oh well... No money mah....

-------- end of part 5 ----------

And if I do not post anything the next few days it is because my computer has failed me. It's so freaking slow!


Cheers everyone.

Monday, February 05, 2007



I've completed my dissertation today with 5325 words. So happy!

Next, redo my project to hand in this friday.

Then I'm free! 100% free!

until after Chinese New Year that is. Then busy busy doing 2 major projects.

Petaling Street, here I come again, next week!

Till then...


Thursday, February 01, 2007


About 2 weeks ago I was at McD, Centrepoint Bandar Utama alone.
I just wanted to eat the Prosperity Burger. I always have the fries only (normally) coz the whole set is rather pricey...

Anyhow, I took some pictures there too... after I finished my meal.

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McD is a rather clean place

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Everyone goes to McD & McD welcomes everyone

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Best place for a chat over lunch

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It's a good place to do revision/study

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Family outing

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Kids love McD

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Sip~ Sip~ Free refill too!

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Sometimes food isn't everything...