Tuesday, January 02, 2007

ushering in 2007

This post is rather late. Connection was rather bad too. I'm been rather lazy to edit the photos too. So all add up equals a late post regarding the ushering in of 2007.

I guess everyone has different idea of what is the best way to usher in 2007. For me is just to be with some really good and close friends.

It started at 6.30pm at church for a family night thing. Some singspiration, games, a message, makan, and exchanging gifts.

Then about 19 of us move on to a mamak-ing session. We just chatted and crapped about all sorts of things. Talk talk talk then someone said "5 minutes more!".
Cameras shot up, check battery, looking at the watch, being really sensitive to any sound or light in the sky and the moment it happens, jump out of the chair and try our best to get the best shot. Finally, comparing with each other.

We continued on at the mamak till about 1am.

I started off 2006 and ended 2006 with almost the same bunch of friends. It's really great.

I do enjoy the company of good friends and I thank God for all the friends around me. Life would be so dull without them!

And to share the last few hours of 2006 and first hour of 2007 with them is just great. I don't know what else to say... It's just great!

I't s true when people say 'good friends are hard to find'. So when you found them, make sure you really treasure them.

Photos... Hopefully by next post. I can't get it hosted anywhere! Sigh... one earthquake and all connection go crazy slow...

Anyways, Blessed New Year 2007 to all of yous!



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