Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life is...

...sweet, sour, bitter, spicy.

Sometimes i wonder why people who have full ability don't work, while those who are lacking in some areas work so hard to earn a living.

Why people with full ability turn to robbery to earn a living, while those who are lacking in some areas do the tough jobs, working hard under the sun making an honest living.

It amazes me the how some people being 'kurang upaya' (lack of ability) try all ways to earn an honest living. In a way, yes, they are begging but they don't just sit there and beg. They do what they can and hope for people to be kind and give them some change or just a few cents.

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I saw this man in front of the KL Monorail exit and he just sits there, drawing with crayons the monorail or LRT.

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Some people are purely ignorant to this man, some just out of pity drop a few coins or RM1 into his bowl.
Me? I stood there watching him and taking a few pictures of him although I was in quite a rush. It somehow didn't matter.

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I just stood there thinking... why can't everyone just use what God has given to them to earn a living.
Here in the middle of busy Brickfields is this man, with a bad eyesight trying to make a living, while in other part of KL, we hear young people becoming snatch thieves or just lazing at home after getting a diploma, eating out of their old parent's pocket.

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The world has change.
It's not just the disable begging out in the streets but young people, with both hand and legs, good eye sight sitting at the side of the street, begging.
Why can't they just work? Be an office boy, waiter or something instead of begging?!
If only this example set by the man being followed. Use what God has given you to the fullest.

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When you used what God has given you, I believe you'll prosper in life.
At the end of the day (or month) you'll be like this man, counting how much he has earn through a hard day's work.

Don't be lazy.

and if you are wondering did i give anything to the man, the answer is yes. How much? You don't need to know :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you send one of those pics to the Star...?

9:02 am  
Blogger SLLIM said...

dormiens. yes i did. those pictures are taken by me. why?

1:49 pm  

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