Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Heavy eyes

Don't you feel sometime you just need to sleep wherever you are? In the bus, in the car, in classes even?

I was on the bus and it was a really long wait to get onto that bus. Most people were rather grumpy by the time the bus came.

The moment some got into the bus and find a good seat, it was nap time. The back of the bus seems to be the best.

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Some would chit chat with other passenger before dozing off.

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Overall, hte bus ride is pretty quiet and the air-cond, oohhhh...nice, especially after standing in the hot Malaysia weather.



Sorry for the late post, I had to reformat my PC and re-install everything again


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, for one, is GUILTY of sleeping in the RAPID KL buses, LRT and KTM.

The air-con, niiicccee. :D

4:56 pm  

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